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SQMSquare Meters
SQMSupplier Quality Management (various companies)
SQMSky Quality Meter
SQMStable Queue Manager
SQMSurface Quality Monitor
SQMSupplier Quality Manual
SQMScaled Quantum Mechanics
SQMSoftware Quality Maturity
SQMSoftware Quality Maintenance
SQMSuper Quantum Mechanics
SQMSignal Quality Monitor
SQMService Quality Management
SQMSignal Quality Monitoring
SQMSoftware Quality Management
SQMSingle Quotation Mark
SQMSoftware Quality and Maintainability (International Workshop)
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The SQM Series operates from an input voltage of 36V to 75V and is available in standard output voltages of 3.
Service providers have been asking for the technology to measure and report on what customers are experiencing, and Wireless SQM is the answer," says Todd Eliason, chief executive officer and president for WatchMark.
Our profit-based SQM offering is designed to help both large and small communications providers across the globe reduce churn and dramatically increase revenues through superior service quality management.
Catalant(R) SQM for Wireless offers business managers the opportunity to differentiate their products and services from those of the competition by enhancing and maintaining service quality, thus helping to develop market share by winning new customers and retaining existing ones.
Its largest market is Sweden but SQM also has subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark and Finland.
With TBI's focus on software quality management, the company's goal is to deliver a suite of SQM tools and a central communications framework that aims to integrate key components of the software quality management process including requirements management, test planning and management and defect management.
Logistics infrastructure and high production levels that allow SQM to have low distribution costs;
SQM forecasts a 25% increase for 2006, bringing it back to the nominal levels of 1996, at $3,500 per ton.
The first step in SQM is change, and it starts by reengineering.
We are really pleased with this new capability," said Roeland Boertje, a project manager at Corus Strip Products, a leading manufacturer of galvanized steel in the Netherlands that is currently using a SmartView system with SQM.
Virtuo reduces OSS costs with one consolidated PM and SQM platform sharing common Key Performance Indicators, mediation and database.
By unleashing the network infrastructure, enforcing a centralized quality of service policy, and proactively controlling network resources, new SQM solutions help enterprises achieve the economic benefits of IPT and VoIP while maintaining the quality long associated with circuit-switched PBX systems and networks.