SQMRSymmetric Quasi-Minimal Residual (algorithm)
SQMRSilver Queen Mine Regulators (California)
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This paper does not spend too much time discussing the literature as there are a lot of disparate pieces of literature concerning focus groups and SQMRs (moderators).
When literature does refer to SQMRs it is with little regard for the analytical methods they use.
SQMRs use a wide variety of qualitative, quantitative and analytical methods.
A prominent methodology used by SQMRs is the market research focus group, a form of qualitative research.
From the literature review, it was concluded that a lot was known about the description of focus groups and how to prepare for them, a little more was known about some of the techniques of running groups, but hardly anything appeared in the literature on the career path of SQMRs or on the analytical skills with which they approached their work.
* Are the advanced analytical skills used by SQMRs a result of mystery, talent or gift, a result of age, a result of experience or produced by long, hard work?
By combining and analysing the literature, the data drawn from the interviews with 19 SQMRs and the researcher's own experience, a comprehensive analysis was completed on the description of skills used by SQMRs in conducting and analysing qualitative focus groups.
The entry attributes (first row) can be clearly articulated, yet most SQMRs say they experience a relatively high failure rate with some new recruits making it and some not.
By combining the respondents' views, re-interviewing seven respondents in depth on this specific issue and combining with it a broader knowledge of theories on conceptualisation, advanced thinking and education, a model was arrived at which was then tested with SQMRs (see Figure 4).
The researcher has for many years tried to understand the mind of SQMRs in order to try to develop better training for future SQMRs.
I had never met most of the other SQMRs. They were just names I had been told we compete with.
SQMRs before, during and after market research focus groups (as described by SQMRs) and concluded that hard work and experience are the likely causes of such competency.