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SQNRSignal-to-Quantization Noise Ratio
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3, where the SQNR is plotted as a function of input signal variance using (10).
SQNR for the particular frame can be calculated as.
By averaging SQNR and G given in (17) and (19) over all frames we obtain.
On the range L, whereby [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], we calculate the average SQNR in a large number of points p as following
SQNR for proposed coding scheme is calculated by averaging SQNR value for all frames [7]-[13]
In the Table I calculated optimal numerical values of the parameters c and [mu] and SQNR for the number of quantization levels N = 256, for the case of Laplacian and Gaussian signal source are presented.
3 the overall SQNR depending on various values of [N.
The aim of the designing process is to maximize SQNR or to minimize PRD.
711 standard can achieve almost constant SQNR in a wide range of variances for audio and speech signals [3].
The expectation represents the SQNR calculation for the fourth case of PDF discretization.
Then, we have presented how the increase of number of quantizers in switching scheme affects the SQNR dependence of input power.
For continual input samples, the overload distortion exists which causes the fall of SQNR (signal-to-quantization noise ratio) for high values of the variance.