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SQPSequential Quadratic Programming (mathematics)
SQPSuperior Quality Products
SQPSuitably Qualified Person (veterinary medicine)
SQPSequential Quadratic Programming
SQPSoftware Quality Professional (ASQ publication)
SQPService Quality Plan
SQPSuccessive Quadratic Programming
SQPSoftware Quality Plan
SQPSoftware Quality Program
SQPStrategic Quality Plan
SQPSurvey Quality Predictor (software)
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For each SQP iteration of the proposed MPC strategy, the sequence of QPs share similar structure and active constraint sets, making the parametric active set algorithm favorable for this application.
Note that the computation of sensitivity matrices (see [19, 20]) in each step of SQP iteration can be done analytically due to a simple structure of the models used in the cost function, i.
The SQP method seems to be the best nonlinear programming (NLP) method for constrained optimization problems [12], [13].
The aim of this study is, for quarter car model to find optimal design parameters, by minimising a nonlinear objective function subjected to a set of constraints with two different optimisation algorithms; SQP and GA in order to improve ride quality.
The SQP was applied to search the optimal ratio of growth medium for maximum cultivation of L.
Algorithm Complexity Comparison Algorithm Complexity Proposed Optimal O(KNL) Proposed Suboptimal O(NL) SQPS O(KNL) LFPS O(NL) Classical Water-filling O(NL) Classical Equal Power O(NL)
From Table I and Figure 8 and Figure 9, it is clearly evident that the SQP algorithm failed to meet reducing the cost as the selection of the power was at maximum.
This SQP documents the parameters for casting inspection and communicates control dimensions from the perspective of machinability, product assembly, and in-service function of the end item.
A new survey by Campden BRI and Alchemy Systems, LP in partnership with BRC and SQP, questioned 649 food and drink manufacturers and processors worldwide to identify the needs, effectiveness and challenges of food safety training in the industry.
Rammal, "Interference suppression of the linear antenna arrays controlled by phase with use of SQP algorithm," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
CTBT Yes (signed Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty 1996/ratified 2000) CPPNM Yes (ratified Convention on the Physical Protection 1985) of Nuclear Material CPPNM Amd No Amendment to CPPNM SQP No Small quantities protocol.