SQRISchool Quality Review Initiative (New York State Education Department)
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Table 2 and Figures 5 to 9 present CSF, threshold contrast, and Barten SQRI results.
Because all participants had relatively good contrast sensitivity with the 2[degrees] characters and it is likely that most SVDs do not present larger than 2[degrees] characters, Figure 7 shows a comparison of the relationship of 2[degrees] digit recognition performance to the Barten SQRI. Also, threshold resolution (visual acuity) for all participants was sufficient such that performance in 2[degrees] digit/character recognition was not limited by visual resolution.
The best predictor of participants' ability to read threshold low-contrast digits on a CRT monitor was the Barten SQRI image metric.
While the Barten SQRI was an excellent fit for participants with low vision identifying single digits on a large monitor, using many SVD devices in real-life situations is much more complex than just reading or identifying characters on an SVD.
The practicality of using the Barten SQRI image metric in a rehabilitation service environment also must be determined.