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SQRTSquare Root
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3) When the number DataNum of data source node transmits each time is 5, total node number NodeNum = 8 and transmission radius of each node: radius = 3 x sqrt (scale) = 3 x 10 = 30, we test we test the relationship between decoding success probability and Galois field m when three nodes are co-wiretapping.
Relative changes in the [beta] coefficients with changes in wavenumber for the sqrt_OC and sqrt HOC models were very similar, but lower in magnitude for the sqrt_HOC model.
Dose Dose Age Model transformation effect(a) effect 1 Identity Linear Quadratic 2 Identity Linear Spline 3 Identity Quadratic Spline 4 Log Linear Quadratic 5 Log Quadratic Quadratic 6 Log Quadratic Spline 7 Sqrt Linear Quadratic 8 Sqrt Quadratic Quadratic 9 Sqrt Quadratic Spline MSW Identity Quadratic Truncated
For example, sqrt 4 may yield 2 or -2, and we do not know or care which.
When the preceding stimuli had been presented at a constant ISI there was, for each dependent variable, a significant increase in the SCR measures, compared to the preceding control interval, at both the time of stimulus omission and the time at which the stimulus was re-presented (omission window compared to pre-omission window: SQRT total SCR F(1,44) = 12.
Similarly, a while whose test contained an input-reading function caused them to consider the plan READ-PROCESS-LOOP and a sqrt passed a SUM-OF-SQUARES caused them to consider the plan DISTANCE-BETWEEN-POINTS.
The library provides access to single- and double-precision functions such as sin, cosine, log, tan, exp, pow, sqrt, etc.
As we can see, the BPTrust could normally infer a rational value for node 1 while the multiplication needs a SQRT function.
append(y) for k in range (len (point x)): ID = 0 for 1 in range (len (point_x)): dista = abs ( (point_x [k]-point__x [1] )**2) + ((point_ y[k]-point_y[l])**2) dist2 = sqrt (dista) ID = 0 if dist2 <= .
The Sqrt is intended to be replaced with the square root sign.