SQTSSwiss Quality Testing Services (Switzerland)
SQTSSnickers Quietly to Self
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SQTS has been described in a limited number of patients.
Consequently, the short QT interval in SQTS seems to be a phenotypic expression lacking an association with arrhythmia risk, as suggested by Couderec and Coeli (9).
There have been few pediatric SQTS cases described in the literature.
In light of these considerations, he was diagnosed as having idiopathic short QT intervals rather than SQTS and has not yet been treated with pharmacological therapy, such as quinidine, or an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD).
Aptitude and time on the job in Figure 1 are independent determinants of SQT score; they are not causally related one to the other.
For example, given a soldier with a score on Mechanical Maintenance of 117, after 12 months on the job the probability is .90 that he will perform at SQT = 65.
Second, the model describes the course of SQT score over time in point-to-point fashion and not as a closed functional form, because (a) no one closed form (e.g., quadratic) fits all MOSs, and (b) five points are too few to distinguish a specified closed form from alternative possibilities.
A soldier's performance on the SQT has two major, measurable determinants: aptitude for the work and length of time on the job.
The model allows for two main effects on SQT: aptitude and time on the job.
The results are that aptitude and time on the job are both highly significant determinants of SQT. The expected F ratio for the interaction term is not significant at the .05 level.