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SQUADSpherical Cubic Interpolation (3D mathematics)
SQUADSoftware Quality Across Different Regions (EU)
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Quasimodo was surrounded, seized, garroted; he roared, he foamed at the mouth, he bit; and had it been broad daylight, there is no doubt that his face alone, rendered more hideous by wrath, would have put the entire squad to flight.
Phileas Fogg and the squad had gone southward; in the south all was still vacancy.
The church bells were ringing for evensong, and a squad of Salvation Army lassies came singing down Waterloo Road.
All together they cleared three considerable chunks of wreckage, and then Bert was glad to clamber up into the cabins again and give place to a second squad.
Tan, lanky, awkward fellows came in squads, and companies, and regiments, swaggering along, dressed in their brown homespun clothes and blue yarn stockings.
We shall separate here," he said, "several riding into each of these gorges," and then he commenced to detail his various squads and issue instructions to the non-commissioned officers who were to command them.
Of course there was much confusion and lost motion at first, but eventually Ja got them in hand, detailing squads of them under competent chiefs to certain work.
After having the niggers (who had been feeding the cane) pour cream of lime on the rollers to keep everything sweet, I sent them out to join the cane-cutting squads.
Their faces relapsed into a natural expression as the horses, clearing the lodge-gates, got into a brisker trot on the open road; and squads of them might have been seen, speckling with black the public-house entrances, with pewter- pots flashing in the sunshine.
The squad will work separately from the building inspectors and will demolish the illegal constructions in commercial areas after getting a report from the civic body's monitoring team.
They said the repressive state has been scouting and training candidates for the cheering squad since Jan.
Salman Irshad was also sent to Australia by Qalandars with rising stars squad for a quadrangular series.