SQUEScheduling and Queuing
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Sque and colleagues (2010) reported the following strategies used by their participants to cope with their ESRD and their wait for a transplant: keeping busy, denial of being ill, adopting a positive outlook, use of humor, and not dwelling on problems.
While the literature has documented the role of a nurse researcher in the clinical setting (Buffum 1996, Colbourne and Sque 2004, Deave 2005, Richardson 2005); there is a paucity of information with regard to the design, implementation and evaluation of the nurse researcher model at a service or departmental level.
SQUE And Saturday's double put him ahead of Helguson and Player of the Season Tom Cleverley in the race to be the club's leading scorer.
While Israeli authorities said that the group was composed of French touris= ts, Palestinians believed that they were Israeli extremists entering the mo= sque in celebration of the Jewish Sukkot festival.
It has been suggested that therapeutic effects can emerge from participation in research interviews (Colbourne & Sque, 2005; Gale, 1992; Hutchinson, Wilson, & Wilson, 1994; Shamai, 2003).
Davies and Sque [2] have identified that women with advanced breast cancer feel that their healthcare professionals have a limited understanding of their emotional predicament, which exacerbates their isolation and suffering.