SQUHSultan Qaboos University Hospital (Oman)
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Al Qadhi, Senior Consultant Trauma Surgeon and Head of Department of Surgery at SQUH, and one of the authors of trauma-related publication Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal (SQUMJ), emphasised the need for trauma care units, as well as trained surgeons, while explaining trauma as an emotional response that needs as much attention as cancer and other deadly diseases.
Faisal Rawahi, senior engineer at SQUH said, We are proud to use AHUs with Fanwall Technology in SQUH premises which are provided by TTC.
Prof L Jeyasselan and Prof Thambu David from CMC Hospital in Vellore, India, delivered interactive lectures and workA[degrees] shops, while Dr Muna Sadoon, associate professor of paediatrics at SQU, and Shinoona al Harthi, director of nursing SQUH, were the chief guests of the function.
The pools were originally selected from patients' blood samples that were referred to the laboratories of the two hospitals, SQUH and Royal Hospital for measurement of plasma troponin levels.
Zahra Murtadha, also a speech and language therapist at SQUH, says that even when a child does have basic speech and language knowledge, they may sometimes lack the vocabulary they can learn from playing outdoors.
Al Barwani added: "It is for SQUH patients, who live far away and can't come several times a day to the hospital, for example the chemotherapy patients.
He also believes women are more likely to seek treatment, although the team at SQUH thinks the opposite may be the case.
When an Omani patient goes from Royal Hospital to SQUH, there will be different protocols," he said, adding that he hoped it would become the uniform standard for all hospitals in the country.
Muscat: More people are responding to blood donation drives in 2016 at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH), compared with the previous year, Dr Arwa Al Riyami, chairperson of the Blood Donation Committee at SQUH, said.
The workshop, which was held in Hormuz Grand Hotel in Muscat attracted participants from different health sectors in the Sultanate including general dental surgeons and dental auxiliaries, as well as members from the hematology departments at both the Royal Hospital and SQUH.