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SQUIRTSustained Quiet Uninterrupted Reading Time
SQUIRTSustained Quiet Uninterrupted Independent Reading Time
SQUIRTSuper Quiet Uninterrupted Independent Reading Time
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Prior to Squirt, Garett had rescued a cat whom he named Toothless and is now a beloved pet who recently gave birth to a litter of kittens.
A sea squirt, it turns out, uses its natal nervous system and brains in its earliest years solely for mobility purposes.
The sea squirts were gone, and all of a sudden the glass sponges had tripled" in number, Richter says.
Mussel fisherman James Wilson said: "The consequences of the sea squirt reaching the Strait would be disastrous.
I would also pour a tablespoon or two of cider vinegar, a squirt (teaspoon) of Basic H, and about a cup of aloe vera juice in her drinking water each day.
The sea squirt, which is beige to mustard-coloured and jelly-like, is thought to have been carried on the hulls of boats from Wales or Ireland, where it is established.
Replacing the squirt gun with a bigger, more powerful deluxe model, he returned the item to TEI, concluding "you might give this deluxe squirt gun to the next Assistant Secretary.
A couple squirts of oil once a month will keep them moving and make your job a little easier.
It took three hours to get Squirt breathing on his own again.
A Chinese man has stunned onlookers by demonstrating his ability to squirt milk out of his eyes.
A series of serving suggestions, available on promotional recipe cards and online, will encourage children to create a work of art with fruit and a squirt of Anchor cream, then upload their photos to its website.
Squirt Swims with the Stars is the first in a forthcoming series of children's picturebooks based on the friendly character of Squirt the whale.