SQWStrained Quantum Well
SQWSquare Wave
SQWSingle Quantum Well
SQWSquareware (Netherlands)
SQWSilver Queen West Condominiums (Colorado)
SQWSQL Warehousing Tool
SQWSegal Quince Wicksteed Ltd. (consulting agency; UK)
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Totally 60 SD rats were randomly divided into the control group (n = 10), model group (n = 10), SQW group (1.5 g/kg/d, 3 g/kg/d, and 6 g/kg/d; n = 10 in each dose group), and Enalapril group (4mg/kg/d; n = 10).
The degradation of MCPA and mecoprop was followed by SQW voltammetric measurements of the remaining concentrations of the herbicides or their HP-[beta]-CD complexes in aqueous solution under simulated solar radiation.
As the SQW report notes, the majority of such jobs created are expected to be "additional".
A statement from the research team at SQW said: "The initiative was seen as a credible voice on key pan-northern issues, an important influence on national Government and an effective co-ordinator of thinking, views and evidence across the North.
Speaking with a clear voice was indeed one of the key strengths of TNW identified by SQW, with the likes of former Yorkshire Forward chairman Sir Graham Hall among those who championed its causes effectively down in Whitehall.
Identify the members of last_level, which is a spatial level, that are contained in the spatial query window SQW. Step 2.
One of the most important diversification initiatives being undertaken by the Government of Brunei, with the advice of SQW China Ltd, is to develop a publicly funded, major agro technology park and food processing incubator accompanied in parallel by vigorous promotion of the Brunei Halal brand.
Impacts of the formula of Suoquanwan (SQW) on expression of AQP-2 mRNA and AVPR-V2 mRNA in the kidney of rat polyuria model of Yang-deficiency.
Despite the modesty of the KTP scheme, an independent analysis of its precursor, the Teaching Company Scheme, carried out by economic consultants SQW Ltd in 2002, suggests that companies that undertake a KTP gain an average increase in profit of more than $568,000, with one company increasing its profitability by $39 million.
The Cambridge Phenomenon research, conducted by analysts SQW, showed the 'myriad interconnections' between tech firms and universities.
Preliminary findings from an economic impact study by SQW appear to justify the decision to plough pounds 750,000 public cash into hosting the MTV extravaganza.