SR-BIScavenger Receptor Class B Type I (vitamin E transport)
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Figure 3 shows CYP7A1, ABCG8, NPC1L1, HMG-CoAR, SREBP-1c, ABCA1, and SR-BI mRNA levels in the liver determined by qRT-PCR.
However, there were no significant changes in SR-BI mRNA expression.
Identification of scavenger receptor SR-BI as a high density lipoprotein receptor.
The role of the high-density lipoprotein receptor SR-BI in the lipid metabolism of endocrine and other tissues.
SR-BI is a receptor for high-density lipoproteins (HDL) that are commonly referred to as 'good cholesterol' because they help transport cholesterol out of the arteries and back to the liver for excretion.
Previous lab research had revealed that mice fed a high cholesterol diet develop more advanced tumours and their tumours produce more SR-BI.
We examined whether CRP binds to scavenger receptors: LOX-1, SR-A, CD36, SR-BI, CD68, and dectin-1.
The mechanism of this effect appears to be dependent on endothelial SR-BI and may involve cholesterol efflux as a triggering mechanism (35).
Association of polymorphisms at the SR-BI gene locus with plasma lipid levels and body mass index in a white population.
Because these are the first published associations indicating that SR-BI may play a role in lipid metabolism, these observations need to be examined and confirmed in other populations.