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SR1Service Release 1
SR1Service Release One
SR1Spreading Rate 1 (computing)
SR1Structural Region 1
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Throughout 2017, Mobily enhanced its Operational Cash Flow (ebitda-capex), whereas it amounted to SR1.
Meanwhile, the drive in the Radical SR1 prototype promises 'the ultimate adrenaline rush', organisers promise.
In the present paper, we investigate the possibilities to apply the SR1 update procedure and the S-M formula in the computation of the Moore-Penrose inverse of specific Toeplitz matrices that appear in the image restoration process.
66 billion ($976 million) during the three months to June 30, compared to SR1.
It's hard to work in a factory for only SR1,000 a month.
The Kingdom has steadily increased investments in foreign securities and jumped tenfold in a nine-year period at SR1.
Radical SR1 cars cost a relatively affordable PS30,000 and are aimed at track day drivers and club racers.
Total operating income: 1Q13 came in at SR1,725mn, in-line with the NCBC estimate of SR1,696mn.
The finding profiles the SR1 bacteria, a group of microbes present in many environments ranging from the mouth to deep within the Earth, that have never been cultivated in the laboratory.
The cyclist - Britain's most decorated Olympian with six gold medals, including two at London 2012 - will compete in the Radical SR1 Cup one-make series next year.
Allocations for higher education sector include SR1.
7 billion riyals "to foreign currency exchange fluctuation losses amounting to approximately SR1.