SR2Saints Row 2 (game)
SR2Soul Reaver 2 (game)
SR2Smuggler's Run 2 (video game)
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Many people from Pakistan will not be able to make their Umrah trip because they don't have enough funds to pay this extra charges of SR2,000.
ANB said in July it had regulatory approval for a SR2 billion issue, which would be privately placed with investors and would carry a tenor of 10 years but with a clause allowing the issuer to redeem the security after five years.
Se establecieron 12 tratamientos, a saber, T1: ST (sin FO), T2: ST+2%CA, T3: ST+2%EP, T4: SR1 (sin FO), T5: SR1+2%CA, T6: SR1+2%EP, T7: SR2 (sin FO), T8: SR2+2%CA, T9: SR2+2%EP, T10: SR3 (sin FO), T11: SR3+2%CA, y T12: SR3+2%EP, con cuatro repeticiones por tratamiento en cada bioensayo.
It complies with CEN/TS 45545 standard for R4 (Requirements for lighting components), German DIN 5510 S4 SR2 ST2 norms at 3 mm and French NF F16-101 M2 F2 rating at 2-8 mm.
SR2 adds several enhancements and refinements to VOD 8.
The accountant demanded a fee of SR80,000 which he readily paid in the hope of getting his SR2 million quickly, said the contractor.
Safco's net profit will rise by at least 15 per cent in 2010 to SR2.
Windows 95 may experience some Y2K glitches, but these problems can be solved by downloading a program called SR2 from Microsoft's Website (www.
With SR2, Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012 users will experience improved stability and feature enhancements requested by the dedicated base of Poser users across every area of the application.
Passengers can book their economy ticket from Jeddah, Madinah and Yanbu to Paris for SR1,510 ($402), to London for SR1,810, to New York for SR2,510, to Munich for SR1,780, to Berlin for SR1,790, to Frankfurt for SR1,660, to Barcelona for SR2,000, to Madrid for SR1,810, to Los Angeles for SR4,110, to Rome for SR1,870, to Vienna for SR2,020, to Malaga for SR2,310.
The government Risk Capital Initiative for SMEs - SR2.
Manama The unexpectedly heavy defeat by Brazil against Germany in the football World Cup smi-finals has resulted in long queues at a burger restaurant in Riyadh that had offered a SR2 reduction for each goal scored in the match.