SR3Service Release 3
SR3Saint Row 3 (gaming)
SR3Spreading Rate 3
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MADINAH: Four passengers were caught attempting to smuggle SR3.093 million ($804,010) out of Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah.
Mobily, a leading telecom provider in Saudi Arabia has posted growth in its revenues for the seventh consecutive quarter to reach SR3.3 billion ($878 million) in the second quarter of the year, marking a year-on-year (YoY) growth of 15.1 per cent.
The Radical SR3 passenger ride will be conducted alongside one of BIC's expert driving instructors.
* Documents can be obtained from the Ministry of Environment, water and agriculture, Saudi Arabia for a payment of SR3,000, Phone: +966-11-2038888, Fax: +966-11-2052749
The SR3 follows the extra long range XR3 and long range LR3, which came onto the market in 2017.
The SR3 passenger ride costs BD35 for a three-lap session of around 40 minutes.
Se establecieron 12 tratamientos, a saber, T1: ST (sin FO), T2: ST+2%CA, T3: ST+2%EP, T4: SR1 (sin FO), T5: SR1+2%CA, T6: SR1+2%EP, T7: SR2 (sin FO), T8: SR2+2%CA, T9: SR2+2%EP, T10: SR3 (sin FO), T11: SR3+2%CA, y T12: SR3+2%EP, con cuatro repeticiones por tratamiento en cada bioensayo.
The contracting sector is facing enormous challenges since projects worth SR3 trillion are expected to be completed by 2020, said the Arab News report.
The telco reported a net profit of SR3.39 billion ($904m) in the three months to September 30, up from SR1.95 billion in the prior-year period, Reuters reported.
The Redcar pharmacist has had a fantastic debut year in his Radical SR3 Turbo and has already won the sports libre class of the British Sprint Championship.
RADICAL make beautiful sports cars but they also create wonderful road cars like this SR3 SL - its first fully EU Type Approved and road legal roadster.
The eligibility for receiving second half dividend payments at SR3 will be for shareholders listed in Tadawul (Saudi Stock Exchange) records as of the end of trading on the day of the General Assembly meeting.