SRADSuzuki Ram Air Direct
SRADScheduler Resource Allocation Domain (IBM)
SRADSociety for Research in Adult Development
SRADShort Range Air Defence (UK)
SRADSusceptibility RADHAZ (Radiation Hazard) Designator (US Navy)
SRADSpecial Recon Assault Detachment (paintball)
SRADSystem Requirements Analysis Document
SRADSleiman Research and Development (Madison, Alabama)
SRADSystem Requirements and Architecture Document
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SRAD and HotSpot are relatively compute-intensive, while Needleman-Wunsch, Breadth-First Search, Kmeans, and Stream Cluster are memory-intensive application.
For example, the CPU-GPU commucation overhead of SRAD and BP are relatively high because of they have a large dataset.
With advances in imaging techniques such as computed tomography (CT), cases of SRAD became more readily identifiable.
For this application, SRAD was run for the 15th day of each month.
Prior to the acquisition of Auction SRAD will sell its SRAD subsidiary to management of that Company in exchange for 8 million shares of SRAD common stock which will then be cancelled.
15, 1999, SRAD announced that it has entered into a letter of intent to acquire 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of Auction.
Both companies believe that it is imperative that the engaged professionals are given adequate time to prepare a thorough and complete stock purchase agreement," according to Dean Curry, director of marketing of SRAD.
Nasdaq: NSCP), and Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN), the ability to acquire an established Internet company with current operations and revenues instead of beginning with just an idea, gives SRAD an important head start in developing and expanding its business strategies to take advantage of not only this country's but the world's movement toward global purchasing through the Internet," according to Mr.
While the Company is no longer pursuing the LCSG transaction, SRAD is continuing to explore other opportunities to increase its revenues.
Securities Resolution trades on the OTC BB under the symbol SRAD and is a fully reporting company with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Nicol and Reynolds use a variation of this approach in the SRADS simulation protocol [75].
While previous approaches required storage and processing of pulse-height spectrum data, SRaDS relies on Bayesian model-based statistical algorithms that automatically reject extraneous and non- targeted photons during the identification process.