SRADSuzuki Ram Air Direct
SRADScheduler Resource Allocation Domain (IBM)
SRADSociety for Research in Adult Development
SRADShort Range Air Defence (UK)
SRADSusceptibility RADHAZ (Radiation Hazard) Designator (US Navy)
SRADSpecial Recon Assault Detachment (paintball)
SRADSystem Requirements Analysis Document
SRADSleiman Research and Development (Madison, Alabama)
SRADSystem Requirements and Architecture Document
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SRAD is a diffusion algorithm based on partial differential equations and used for removing the speckles in an image without sacrificing important image features.
With advances in imaging techniques such as computed tomography (CT), cases of SRAD became more readily identifiable.4 However, the management and long term follow-up protocols still remain controversial.
(ii) The burial site at Gyalse (Rgyal srad) valley of Shang in Dranang district (Dra nang rdzong) had been severely damaged due to long-term exposure to rains and flood, and as a result of local people's collection of stones from the site.
It took until 1997 and a radical overhaul for Suzuki's GSX-R750T SRAD to earn back its reputation as groundbreaking hooligan machine.
This may be done by constructing a series of four-year "Periods." In each Period, there is an initial two-year "short run aggregate nominal demand" (SRAD) increase, accompanied by its similarly initial total output response ([Q.sup.N] to [Q.sup.1]), ordinarily an increase, followed by an actual, subsequent biennial total output change.
The solar radiation layers described below were produced by using the SRAD solar radiation model (Wilson and Gallant 20006; Austin et al.
Al Srad (Israel), Tami Astrogena; phone: 972-3-681-6258; fax: 972-3-681-6257; p.