SRAFSub-Resolution Assist Feature
SRAFSocial Revolutionary Anarchist Federation
SRAFSouthern Rhodesian Air Force
SRAFSaudi Royal Air Force
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And the oil entered her blood and helped her see more clearly than before, and the first thing she saw was the sraf.
The mulefa call the substance sraf or more fully "like the light on water when it makes small ripples, at sunset, and the light comes off in bright flakes" (AS 199).
Atal tells Mary, "Ever since we have had the sraf, we have had memory and wakefulness" (AS 199).
Model-based SRAF techniques have been in development for some time but until now have not been used for full-chip applications due to heavy compute costs, poor quality of correction, and/or the extreme impact to mask costs from the pixelated geometries they generate.
Sungwoo Ko, a senior research staff member at Hynix, recognized from his recent work with Tachyon MB-SRAF, "Having access to model-based SRAF capability from Brion Technologies has accelerated our learning and ability to deliver leading edge DRAM.
This emerging technology is used to apply and verify pattern proximity corrections and sub-resolution assist features (SRAF) on full-chip layouts, specifically processes such as SRAF placement, model-based RET/OPC and model-based RET/OPC verification.