SRAFSub-Resolution Assist Feature
SRAFSocial Revolutionary Anarchist Federation
SRAFSouthern Rhodesian Air Force
SRAFSaudi Royal Air Force
SRAFSupra-Rhinal Auditory Field
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Secretaria Regional Da Agricultura e Florestas (SRAF) (2007), "PRORURAL Programa de Desenvolvimento Rural da Regiao Autonoma dos Acores 2007-2013", Revisao 2 Versao de 18 de novembro de 2007.
Purchased by the SRAF in late 1950, it was flown mostly in the NATO-assigned role of pilot training.
It is heavily illustrated with photos, many sourced from personalities associated with the SRAF Spitfire era and those involved with her restoration.
These conditions cause that contribution concerning participation of the SRAF units within operations aimed at the development of the AF capabilities was exploitable in a minimal way.
And the oil entered her blood and helped her see more clearly than before, and the first thing she saw was the sraf. It was so strange and pleasant that she wanted to share it at once with her kindred.
(3.) The mulefa call the substance sraf or more fully "like the light on water when it makes small ripples, at sunset, and the light comes off in bright flakes" (AS 199).
Atal tells Mary, "Ever since we have had the sraf, we have had memory and wakefulness" (AS 199).
When Mary first sees sraf she finds that "it didn't obscure ...
The eldest zalif Sattamax explains, "You can see things that we cannot, you can see connections and possibilities and alternatives that are invisible to us, just as sraf was invisible to you" (The Amber Spyglass 234).
Riyadh, Muharram 24, 1439, Oct 14, 2017, SPA -- Saudi Royal Air Force (SRAF) aircraft have completed arrival with all air and technical crews, to participate in the Aerial Excellence Center exercise, set to be held in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
but Hodgson has a different style sRAF HOW WE LED THE WAY We were first for every development in the Reds' chase for Hodgson s GETTING THE BOOT How Hodgson will look when he takes charge of Anfield Boot Room s