SRAISociety of Research Administrators International (various locations)
SRAISanford Rose Associates International
SRAISalmon Research Agency of Ireland
SRAISelf Report Articular Index
SRAISelby Research Attitude Inventory
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The hypothesis is weakly supported at the 10 percent level in the ERAI model and rejected in the SRAI model.
13) The ERAI has fewer observations than the SRAI because there are some respondents who answered a question about whether or not they made actual budget recommendations for specific reinvention programs (yes or no) but did not answer a subsequent question about the degree of implementation of the program.
As a result of the funds raised and pursuant to the Company's Administration Agreement with SRAI, the Company earns $7,500 in quarterly fees.
The importance of the SRAI as an improvement on the original RAI.
Reasons for the variation between RAI and SRAI in Phase 1.
The Journal also supports those who seek to share their expertise in our field though out Journal Fellowship Program and SRAI annual conference offerings.
If a metric could be developed to measure subsequent action and decision-making based on learning new skills and information, SRAI would be contributing to the enhancement of RCR policy and practice.
We a renot opposed to what the SRAis trying to do,but the way it has been done shows serious misjudgment of the situation.