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SRAMStatic Random Access Memory
SRAMService Régional d'Admission du Montréal Métropolitain (Canada: Regional Admission Service of Metropolitan Montreal' Montreal, Canada)
SRAMStatic Ram
SRAMSynchronous Ram
SRAMScientific Review of Alternative Medicine
SRAMShort-Range Air-to-Surface Attack Missile (US DoD)
SRAMShadow Random Access Memory
SRAMService Régional d'Admission de Montréal (Quebec)
SRAMSystem Replacement and Modernization
SRAMSideways Random Access Memory (1980s Acorn BBC RAM expansion)
SRAMStatic read-write Random Access Memory
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- However, volatility is the major drawback of SRAM based FPGA because in the absence of power availability the entire programming will be lost.
We spoke to STT, who told us their near-term plan is to focus on SRAM replacement rather than DRAM, due to MRAM being a better intrinsic match for SRAM at this point in its evolution.
Leti approached these challenges with a CoolCube SRAM design focusing on the development of a compact and functional four-transistor bitcell, along with other innovations:
In this section, we present the results of an optimization based method which evaluates the DRV of a 6T SRAM cell incorporating the process parameter variation by considering the variation of [V.sub.t] of four transistors.
In SRAM cell design, they are incorporable in terms of power dissipation due to high capacitance buses.
Pierre Laurin, president and CEO of Prometic, stated, "Beyond its financial contribution, SRAM will provide Prometic with the required local clinical, regulatory and operational expertise to efficiently execute in and capitalize upon the rapidly expanding Chinese market.
This paper demonstrates the power consumption of various models of Schmitt trigger(ST) based SRAM cell with feedback mechanism circuit technique.
Section 3 considers the design of CNTFET based SRAM cell design for various topologies.
However, the SRAM table sharing based CLB is generic enough to provide area benefits for any set of benchmark circuits.
Huang Ying How, President of the Squash Racquet Association of Malaysia (SRAM) said, "Only through the consistent support of CIMB Foundation, has SRAM been able to address most of the key development areas with programmes covering all levels from the basics to turning pro.