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SRANStock Record Account Number
SRANSecurity Revolution Analysis Network (Global Technology Integrated Co., Ltd.; Thailand)
SRANScriptural Reasoning Academic Network (Winfield, KS)
SRANSwiss Research Agenda for Nursing
SRANSatellite Radio Access Network
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Rupinder Kaur Sran, assistant commissioner of police (Ludhiana west), said a quick response team consisting of 15 policemen, along with force from Sarabha Nagar police station, is patrolling near the hotel.
For example, applications that present clients with a choice of therapeutic activities to earn token reinforcers are not uncommon (Sran and Borrero 2010).
Educators may find it prudent to initially attempt to identify student preferences using the quicker and easier survey procedures and incorporate choice-based preference assessments only when the results of the survey are not proving useful or when resources prohibit providing a wide range of back-up reinforcers in a token economy (e.g., Montarello & Martens, 2005; Sran & Borrero, 2010).
Sran, CEO, HBN Group says "We at HBN believe in offering the best in every sector which we venture into.
JENNINGS Ford has two new recruits - Middlesbrough College students Matthew Right and Rajandeep Sran.
Micro-CT as a new highresolution digital imaging technique has recently been widely used in the experimental studies to provide detailed quantitative nondestructive analysis of 3D microscopic bone architecture (Sran et al.
Sran, "Detection of threats in Honeynet using Honeywall," International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering, vol.
The Malaysian government, however, realized it was progressing toward all of the Millennium Development Goals except for the spread of HIV/AID S, leading it to consider injection drug use as a public health and medical issue and giving authority for its treatment to the Ministry of Health (Reid, Kamarulzaman, and Sran 2007; WHO 2009).
RBL DDR versus MICAPs--July 2009 NSN/ No Did Not SRAN RBL Have a RBL DDR Cases Lvl RBL=O RBL=1 RBL>1 MICAP No DDR 59 59 0 0 0 23 0 367 0 355 10 2 246 0-0.0055 83 0 37 37 9 52 0.0055-0.01 65 0 28 32 5 38 > 0.01 82 0 6 33 43 45 Total 656 59 426 112 59 404 Had a Total RBL DDR MICAP MICAPs No DDR 36 70 0 121 263 0-0.0055 31 82 0.0055-0.01 27 64 > 0.01 37 128 Total 252 607 Table 5.
Children with a history of fetal stroke may have good short-term outcomes but also the possibility of later onset of seizures, cognitive deficits, and sensory impairments (Roach et al., 2008; Sran & Baumann, 1988).
Few studies have analyzed descriptive observations once reinforcers were determined via functional analysis (e.g., Borrero, Francisco, Haberlin, Ross, & Sran, 2007; Borrero & Vollmer, 2002; Borrero, Vollmer, Borrero, & Bourret, 2005; Samaha et al.
"Only th re e y e ars ago, she wa sran ke d 93rd in her age group in Britain.