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SRAPSpecial Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan (US State Department)
SRAPSmall Rental Assistance Program (Mississippi Development Authority)
SRAPState Rental Assistance Program (New Jersey)
SRAPSpecial Recruiter Assistance Program (US Army)
SRAPSouthern Rural Access Program (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; Princeton, NJ)
SRAPSouthern Romania Archaeological Project (collaborative project; various universities)
SRAPSequence Related Amplified Polymorphism
SRAPSteroid Receptor RNA Activator Protein (biology)
SRAPSquash Rackets Association of the Philippines (est. 1975)
SRAPSuperfund Remedial Accomplishment Plan
SRAPStudent Research Apprenticeship Program (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Richland, WA)
SRAPSubregional Action Programme (UN)
SRAPSociété Rhône-Alpes de Psychosomatique (French behavioral science association)
SRAPSummer Research Apprentice Program (various universities)
SRAPShort Range Ambush Patrol (US DoD)
SRAPSupplemental Remedial Action Plan
SRAPScheduled Random Access Protocol
SRAPStatic Version of the Resource Allocation Problem
SRAPSEO (Search Engine Optimization) Research Analysis Package (Second Life)
SRAPSemiconductor Reliability Assessment Program
SRAPSocial Rights Accountability Research Project (Canada)
SRAPService Record & Allied Papers
SRAPService Rating Application Protocol
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Since there are no similar scales in terms of content and objective, the similar scales validity of SRAP couldn't be calculated.
Fifteen combinations of SRAP primers, as described in Table 3, were selected from the 49 primer combinations previously used for analysis of genetic diversity in Brassica and other genera (Li & Quiros, 2001).
Amplification of SRAP markers: SRAP primers used in this study consisted of 13 forward and 16 reverse primers of Li & Quiros (2001) and their sequences are listed in Table 1.
Tang, "Evaluation of bamboo genetic diversity using morphological and SRAP analyses," Russian Journal of Genetics, vol.
Abbreviations ITS2: Internal transcribed spacer 2 rDNA: Ribosomal DNA IS-GD: Intraspecific genetic distances ITS: Internal transcribed spacer IG-GD: Intragenomic genetic distance SNP: Single nucleotide polymorphisms HMM: Hidden Markov model NJ tree: Neighbor-joining tree PCR: Polymerase chain reaction bp: Base pair INDELS: Insertions and deletions RAPD: Random amplified polymorphic DNA AP-PCR: Arbitrarily primed PCR AFLP: Amplified fragment length polymorphism matK: Maturase K rbcL: Ribulose-bisphosphate carboxylase gene trnH-psbA: Intergenic spacer ISSR: Inter-simple sequence repeat SRAP: Sequence-related amplified polymorphism.
We gratefully acknowledge partial funding through the UWise and SRAP programs at the University of West Georgia.
Dunya Bankasi'nin, Turkiye'de uygulanan SRAP gibi sosyal risk yonetimi projeleri ve SNT gibi programlan da neoliberal prensiplere dayanir ve sosyal guvenlik sorumlulugunu devletten bireylere ve ailelere transfer eder.
More recently, SRA isoforms were identified that were also able to encode for a protein now referred to as the Steroid Receptor RNA Activator Protein (SRAP).
Three of Raphel's supervisors at State's office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, known as SRAP, explained Raphel's mission when she became a special adviser in 2011 after leaving a post in Islamabad overseeing U.S.
To address this, in 2013 the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan's (SRAP) office formed an interagency Af-Pak CVE working group to share resources and expertise, both internally and externally, with non-governmental organizations.