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The Missouri National Guard's Senior Project Officer, in charge of multiple srates supporting OPB III, recognized the 1218th after reporting they logged over 200,000 miles and delivered over 80 containers without incident or accident.
3), at both 0-0.1 and 0-0.3 m we considered nine common variables to be influential on log([C.sub.s]) (from Table 1): temp5, VPD5, sumTSDM, rain5, FM300slope, sigTSDM, sRate, soilOrder, and domGrass.
where Srate is the sampling rate, I the number of segments, and [Fmin, Srate/2] the authorized frequency range.(14)
TEXT: MIRROR1 followed by a space and then your answer to 53307 (60c + standard network Srate)
SRATE surname of twins Caroline and Friedrich Srate, born 3 Oct 1868 in Ludenhausen, Germany; their father was Heinrich Srate [IGI, Germany]
Reported by: A Reingold, MD, Univ of California at Berkeley, G Rothrock, MPH, California Emerging Infections Program, M Starr, DVM, K Reilly, DVM, D Vugia, MD, S Waterman, MD, Srate Epidemiologist California State Dept of Health Sves.
BAD NIGHT AT OFFICEA dejected Nigel Worthington can't as his team sbattereds stch s POOR NET RESULT Stephen Ward grabs the opener for the Republic as Robbie Keane puts number two past Alan Blaney, above BRACE YOURSELFbbie Keane the second goals in sin stwo stes s last night.s A GOALblic players Stephen opener at s she sd's srate sWARD Aviva
Indigenous nations conceivably have internarional Treaties between one another, bur are generally excluded from the global convention for not being "states" as defined by other internationally recognized srates. The United Nations Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, 23 May 1969,1155 UNTS 331, arr 1(a),8ILM 679 (entered into force 27 Jan 1980), which was signed in 1969 by several of the world's prominent states, including Canada, defines "Treaty" as "an international agreement concluded between States in written form and governed by international law, whether embodied in a single instrument or in two or more related instruments and whatever its particular designation".
Rahman et al, Yesim et al, and Josephine et al revealed recurrence Srates of 33.33%, 20%, and 27.8%, respectively with 5-FU (25mg/ml or 50mg/ml) as adjunct to bare sclera [2,5,19], while recurrence of 8.7% has been observed by Bekibele with 5-FU (50mg/ml) as adjunct to CA.