SRAWSpecific Airway Resistance
SRAWShort Range Assault Weapon (MPIM/SRAW; US Army)
SRAWShort-Range Antitank Weapon
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Los resultados reportados, al realizar el analisis segun el IMC, mostraron diferencias significativas en la sRaw y sGaw de sujetos O en relacion a los Np, situacion no observada al realizar el analisis segun PGC, donde solo se observaron diferencias significativas en los volumenes pulmonares (Tablas III y IV).
En especifico, los resultados de la funcion ventilatoria segun IMC muestran que existe una diferencia significativa en sRaw y sGaw entre sujetos O y Np.
Compared with the normal control group, sRaw showed a significant increase at each concentration of methacholine in the asthmatic model group (P<0.05, Figure 2).
Change in specific airway resistance (sRaw) of mice after being sensitized and challenged with ovalbumin and inhalation of different concentrations of methacholine compared with the control group (P<0.05).
Based on preliminary dose response studies (6-60 mg/kg), we have selected 45 mg/kg as an optimum efficacious SC-MN dose targeting ASM cells and thoracic sRaw parameter.
The specific airway resistance (sRaw) can be observed from 5 to 10 min and at 24 h after antigen challenge in a conscious guinea-pig during the IAR and LAR, which is similar to the segmental antigen challenge in human described by Pepys and Hutchcroft (1975).
(1.) Sraw JA Jr., Krementz DG, Olinde MW and Sepik GF: American woodcock.
The pulmonary function tests consisted of specific airway resistance (SRaw) measurements with a constant body plethysmograph (model Master Lab; Jaeger), using the method of Dubois et al.
max] (L/s) 10,24 [+ or -] 1,37 CVIF (L) 4,74 [+ or -] 0,84 PEM (cm[H.sub.2]O) 130,58 [+ or -] 33,71 PIM (-cm[H.sub.2]O) -127,13 [+ or -] 26 CVL (L) 5,17 [+ or -] 0,9 CI (L) 3,44 [+ or -] 0,69 VRE (L) 1,83 [+ or -] 0,54 VR (L) 2,11 [+ or -] 0,57 CPT (L) 7,17 [+ or -] 0,99 RAW (cm[H.sub.2]O/L/s) 0,85 [+ or -] 0,47 GAW (L/s/cm[H.sub.2]O) 1,64 [+ or -] 1,04 sRAW (cm[H.sub.2]O*s) 3,61 [+ or -] 1,81 sGAW (1/cm[H.sub.2]O*s) 0,38 [+ or -] 0,24 Variable Nadadores (18) Valor p CVF (L) 5,76 [+ or -] 0,8 0,167 [VEF.sub.1] (L) 4,86 [+ or -] 0,71 0,299 [VEF.sub.1]/CVF (%) 84,39 [+ or -] 4,63 0,393 [FEF.sub.
This may explain why new missiles are not being purchased in large numbers right now, and why a number of new weapons have been and still are being cancelled--like the Sraw, the Tow-FF and the Trigat-MR--and why no decision regarding their replacement has yet been envisaged.
The Sraw (Short-Range Assault Weapon) is a derivative of the Predator intended for direct attacks on buildings and lightly armoured vehicles.