SRBCSheep Red Blood Cells
SRBCSusquehanna River Basin Commission
SRBCSouth Ribble Borough Council (UK)
SRBCSmoke Rise Baptist Church (Stone Mountain, GA)
SRBCSpokane Regional Business Center
SRBCSensitized Red Blood Cell (biology)
SRBCSouth Run Baptist Church (Springfield, VA)
SRBCSugarman, Rogers, Barshak and Cohen (law firm; Boston, MA)
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After the 5 doses of drug treatment all the animals were immunized (i.p) with SRBC (2.5 x [10.sub.8] cells/20 [micro]l/animal).
The results of this study demonstrated that supplementing chicken diets with Bazhen has beneficial effects, including increased HDL, SRBC and ND titers, IgG, [gamma]-globulin levels, PHA skin challenge result and decreased VLDL+LDL and GOT levels.
The humoral immune response as measured by antibody titre in response to SRBC inoculation was significantly lower in the diets containing 1.1% Lys compared to 1.4%.
The SRBC is an attached department of the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage.
Sheep red blood cells (SRBCs) were inoculated ([10.sup.9] cells/ml) into the subcutaneous tissue of the ears for antigen sensitization at days 42 and 49 after introduction.
Mice were divided into two groups containing six animals each and were then immunized with 20% SRBC (0.1 ml) intraperitonially.
Suspension of 10 ul of unopsonized SRBC was done over the cover slips after adherence of macrophages.
The purpose of the experiment reported here was designed to measure the asymmetry of wattle characteristics and related growth and reproductive traits in lines of chickens selected for high and low antibodies to SRBC and in sublines where selection was relaxed.
said that the contract of SRBC contractor has been extended for one
That immuno-stimulant activity is associated with the enhancement of secondary lesions in adjuvant arthritis is further supported by its effects in models of DTH using SRBC as antigen (Arrigoni-Martelli et al., 1976).