SRBCSheep Red Blood Cells
SRBCSusquehanna River Basin Commission
SRBCSouth Ribble Borough Council (UK)
SRBCSmoke Rise Baptist Church (Stone Mountain, GA)
SRBCSpokane Regional Business Center
SRBCSensitized Red Blood Cell (biology)
SRBCSouth Run Baptist Church (Springfield, VA)
SRBCSugarman, Rogers, Barshak and Cohen (law firm; Boston, MA)
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And in case of SRBCs, 2 birds per treatment replicate (n = 6 per group) were randomly selected, wing banded and injected bilaterally with 5% SRBCs antigen (sheep blood collected in Alsevier's solution, washed thrice and suspended in phosphate buffer saline) in two parts (0.
In conclusion, through the above analysis, we choose to use the RBC classifier and SRBC Bayes Classifiers (Robust), which is based on the selective incomplete data classifier, which is based on the packing method.
The SRBC scientists are set to create a test ecosystem by planting two crops of halophytes in Abu Dhabi's sandy soil.
Por este motivo optamos por realizar o teste de resposta a sensibilizacao previa com SRBC, pois este seria um estimulo imunologico que nao encontraria anticorpos maternais no organismo dos frangos e a resposta imunologica humoral seria desenvolvida, sendo mensurados anticorpos produzidos pela ave sensibilizada com SRBC.
Un SRBC es basicamente un tipo de sistema experto; por tanto, debemos definir que es un sistema experto.
SEM micrographs confirm homogeneous distribution of wollastonite without agglomeration and also homogeneously dispersed SRBC particles in the iPP matrix.
Subgroup B rats were immunized by tail vein injection (250 [micro]L of a 15% suspension of SRBC in phosphate buffered saline).
An enriched T cell population was obtained after lysis of the SRBC with [dH.
Jerne hemolytic plaque formation assay: This experiment was performed for finding antibody formation against SRBC as described previously (Jerne et al.
The SRBC is an attached department of the Ministry of Information,Broadcasting and National Heritage.
Similarly, Inooka and Kimura (1983) studied the effects of Bacillus natto in feed on the SRBC antibody response of broilers, and observed an increase in antibody production in the chicks receiving in-feed Bacillus natto, concluding that the effect of enhancement of antibody production might be associated with spleen and thymus development.