SRBDSamsung R&D Institute Bangladesh (Bangladesh)
SRBDSleep Related Breathing Disorder
SRBDSouthern Redbelly Dace (fish; phoxinus erythrogaster)
SRBDSeizure-Related Brain Damage
SRBDScotland River Basin District (UK)
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The mechanisms behind hypoxia-induced lipid dysfunction in human SRBD patients also require further study.
In our study, 74 per cent of the SRBD patients had hyperlipidaemia, but 196 (96.
Although an association between SRBD and polycythaemia was observed (14), no patients with polycythaemia were noted in the study.
In conclusion, this study reports a high prevalence of hypercholesterolaemia, hypertriglyceridaemia, and hyperuricaemia in SRBD patients in Taiwan.
To assess the impact of SRBD on QTD, we prospectively investigated patients with an ICD, while it allows automatically monitoring and evaluation of life-threatening arrhythmias over a long time interval.
We defined the presence of significant SRBD as an AHI [greater than or equal to] 15/h corresponding to at least moderate SRBD according to international guidelines [11].
Patients were divided in two groups, which consisted of patients without or mild SRBD (group I, n= 29) and those with at least moderate SRBD (group II, n=15).
Investigations regarding the relation between SRBD and QTD demonstrated, that QTcD was increased in patients with moderate-severe obstructive sleep apnea syndrome [7].