SRBMShort-Range Ballistic Missile
SRBMSemimartingale Reflecting Brownian Motion (mathematics)
SRBMSix-Rowed Blue Malting (barley; USDA designation)
SRBMStochastic Reduced Basis Method
SRBMSternum Red Bone Marrow
SRBMSolubilized Rat Brain Cell Membranes (microbiology)
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DF-11, DF-15 and DF-16 SRBMs have sufficient range to cover all of the Taiwanese and South Korean territories.
But panel members are investigating a shipment of "industrial process equipment, which almost certainly originated in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and may be related to the production of the oxidizer used in the liquid bi-propellants of SRBM rocket motors."
According to the Manual for Highway Engineering Inorganic Binder Stable Material Testing Procedures (JTG E51--2009) of China, the mixture ratio of the SRBM was determined based on the maximum dry density and optimum water content.
Syria possesses less than 100 road-mobile SRBM launchers (mostly older SCUD missiles) that could strike U.S.
In addition, Pakistan has also developed, and is improving, the Shaheen series, which are solid fuelled as are the Ghaznavi and Abdali SRBMs.
Iran has announced that it has successfully testfired a short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) capable of hitting the country's neighbours.
SRBM and medium-range ballistic missile brigades with between 1,300 and
In the last decade, China has in fact adopted a submunition warhead for SRBM and MRBM delivery, unquestionably with this very mission in mind.
These two layers of defense could eventually be completed by an upgrade of Israel's existing Patriot Advanced Capability-2 (PAC-2) missile to PAC-3, (4) which intercepts short-range ballistic missiles (SRBM) and medium-range ballistic missiles (MRBM) (5) in their terminal phase.
Boeing believes the shoot-down demos, which will begin with kills of successive short-range ballistic missiles (SRBM), will revive wider military support and alert decision-makers to what Rinn says is a "real and growing threat." Restoring funding would also help head-off a looming industrial base issue that Boeing says faces the specialist technology companies supporting the ABL and its sophisticated chemical oxygen-iodine laser system.
This is similar in concept to the simple rule-based method (SRBM) proposed by Chen and Braun (2001) for packaged rooftop air-conditioning units.
(<1,000 km) (SRBM) and medium-range ballistic missiles (1,000-3,000