SRBOCSuper Rapid Blooming Off-Board Chaff
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Like the US Navy SSDS, the system links in with the ships' own command and control systems and soft-kill technology, along with also having the ability to link in with the Srboc system.
The US Navy also uses the SRBOC Super Gemini combined radio-frequency/IR round, and the Mk 186 Torch IR decoy, which continues to burn after landing on water.
43 in this issue of JED); and Chemring Group PLC (Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK), offering either its Chimera, Pirate or Tabs rounds, all of which are compatible with the Hellenic Navy's existing 130mm SRBOC launchers.
The initial tranche of 14 US Navy Superbarricade systems is to be installed aboard Special-Operations Cyclone-class fast-attack craft, replacing existing Mk-36 SRBOC systems.
A specification for a common decoy/seduction round, known as the Sea Gnat 214 (SG 214) round, was devised by the US, based to a large extent on the SRBOC round and using the standard Mk 36 launcher.
= advanced fff = fit, form & function SRBOC = super rapid blooming offboard chaff launcher
The company, which in conjunction with Tracor (San Ramon, CA) manufactures the NATO-standard Sea Gnat series of expendables for the MK-36 Super Rapid Blooming Off-Board Countermeasures (SRBOC) launcher, is currently working with unspecified foreign countries on decoy enhancement and development.
C-band ESMs for Japan; seven Raytheon AN/SLQ-32(V)2 ESMs aboard frigates of an unidentified Pacific navy; and an EW suite for Thai Naresuan-class frigates made up of the SLQ-32(V)2 ESM, the associated Sidekick radar jammer, the SRBOC chaff launcher and a Deutsche Aerospace Telegon radio-band direction finder.
The Sea Gnat series includes the MK 214 RF Seduction and MK 216 RF Distraction rounds, both fired from the MK 36 Super Rapid Blooming Offboard Countermeasures (SRBOC) launcher.
While we are willing to purchase SRBOC rounds at $1,000 to $3,000 apiece, buying comparable quantities of active expendables at 20-50 times this amount is obviously prohibitive in an era of decreasing defense spending.
Experience with use of Super Rapid Bloom Offboard Chaff (SRBOC) and more recently NATO Sea Gnat Seduction and Distraction Decoys has proven the effectiveness of chaff against a wide range of antiship missile (ASM) threats.