SRBPSynthetic Resin Bonded Paper
SRBPSheboygan River Basin Partnership (Sheboygan Falls, WI)
SRBPSignaling Radio Burst Protocol (wireless communications)
SRBPSelf-Recorded Blood Pressure
SRBPSupplemental Retirement Benefits Program (various organizations)
SRBPSystému Riadenia Bezpecnosti Práce (Slovak: Safety Management System Works)
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5 shows the total achieved throughput for AF and DF systems with SRBP and FRBP against increasing number of available RBs.
9 show the bar graphs of RBs which are assigned to different MTs using SRBP and FRBP in AF and DF protocols respectively.
12mm, Length: 06 meter,Non-Fuse DIN Rail Terminal, 32A,630V, Beige, Screw Down Termination, 26-12 AWG ,Miniature SRBP base for group panel, Copper Lug `U` type size: 2.