SRBSStafford Railway Building Society (est. 1877; UK)
SRBSSenior Battle Staff
SRBSSolar Radio Burst Spectrometer (US NASA)
SRBSSex-Role Behavior Scale
SRBSSystems Research & Behavioral Science (journal)
SRBSShri Ramrupai Balaji Steels Ltd. (India)
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In normal human societies of any size, there is an abiding regularity to the sex ratio at birth (SRB) across history, countries, and ethnicities, typically running in the range of 103 to 105 baby boys per 100 baby girls.
he to ur h di-"We are gradually realigning our SRBs to cater for children with complex learning needs, including autism and learning disabilities."
When her son Brecon started at Cardiff High's special resource base (SRB) he was unable to read, she said, but two years later the 12-year-old is now predicted B grades in his GCSES.
Aerojet Rocketdyne's role in the launch began during liftoff when five SRBs ignited to provide nearly 1.9 million pounds of total increased thrust to launch the Atlas V rocket .
The intestinal flora may produce [H.sub.2]S via sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) (Figure 1(b), Table 1).
SRBs offer a combination of high load capacity, high tolerance to shock loads and self-aligning ability, however, these attributes are tempered by the limitation of maximum speed.
Further, it is hard to explain why SRBs are higher in regions with high economic growth, such as northern India and the regions of China near Hong Kong (Miller 2001, p.
Self-reports of undesirable and socially sensitive behaviors (such as SRBs) may underestimate the behavior of interest due to either recall bias or purposeful distortion.
But, with the smaller sizes in particular, they are relatively inexpensive to purchase so few companies compare the overall lifetime costs with those of alternatives - such as split roller bearings (SRBs).