SRBSStafford Railway Building Society (est. 1877; UK)
SRBSSenior Battle Staff
SRBSSolar Radio Burst Spectrometer (US NASA)
SRBSSex-Role Behavior Scale
SRBSSystems Research & Behavioral Science (journal)
SRBSShri Ramrupai Balaji Steels Ltd. (India)
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The purpose of the current study was to examine the correlations between individuals' SRBS, sociodemographic characteristics, physical and mental health, behavior of peers, and hedonism seeking.
SRBS is an international journal in the field of systems science, including KM research.
This is the final edition of 2010 and, on behalf of the SRBS Editorial Team, I would like to thank all of you who, in a variety of different ways, have supported the journal in the last year.
This special issue of SRBS presents expanded versions of 15 papers from these three conferences and one affiliated symposium.
We hope that this special issue will serve our SRBS readers as an avenue to gain a new systems perspective on EISs and related topics such as technological economics and material flow science and technology.
Finally we would like to thank Mike Jackson, Amanda Gregory and Val Skerrow from the SRBS editorial office for their support and assistance with this special issue.
Also, thanks are extended to Michael Jackson and Amanda Gregory of the Editorial Executive Board of SRBS for their support and orientation; to the past presidents of ISSS that set the level of quality for these Yearbooks; and to all colleagues who helped make the 49th Annual Meeting of ISSS, where most of these papers were presented, a memorable event.
SRBS is an international journal in the field of systems science with wide applications in different areas including information systems research.
Presentations and papers have been selected from each of these areas for inclusion in this special ISSS Yearbook Edition of SRBS.
The final three research papers in this edition of SRBS are on the complementary themes of Information Technology and Information Systems.
As we enter 2001, Lane Tracy will become Deputy US Editor and bring new strengths to SRBS.