SRBSNSintered Reaction-Bonded Silicon Nitride
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With GRI support, Tecogen tested the SRBSN seat insert material with a stock exhaust valve in cylinder heads for which valve recession rates had been previously measured.
John Mangels, Ceradyne director of sales and marketing, commented: "We are very pleased about this decision to expand the use of Ceradyne SRBSN components in diesel engines.
One of Ceradyne's patented ceramic materials, Ceralloy(R) 147 SRBSN, is also used to make industrial wear components for the oil- drilling industry, cutting tools, pulp and paper machines, glass tempering furnaces, and semiconductor-manufacturing equipment," Moskowitz said further.
As the provider of the most cost-effective ceramic components with proven reliability, and with our depth of experience in automotive applications for SRBSN ceramics, we feel we have a strong story to tell to a typically very progressive audience.