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SRC1Steroid Receptor Coactivator 1
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To determine if the reducing and dominant-negative activity of mER[beta]2 was in part due to differential and ligand-specific co-regulator recruitment, we co-transfected the mER[beta]2 or mER[beta]1expression plasmid with SRC1, SRC2, or SRC3 expression plasmid in HepG2 cells and then treated with [10.sup.-8] M [E.sub.2] (mER[beta]1), [10.sup.-7] M [E.sub.2] (mER[beta]2), or [10.sup.-6] M BPA, BPAF, HPTE or Gen (Figure 4).
Also, we were interested in determining whether puerarin and E2 could affect the expression of pi 60 family coactivators, SRC1, SRC-2, and SRC-3.
Furthermore, miR33 also targets hydroxyacyl-CoA-dehydrogenase (HADBH) [8, 58], sirtuin-6 (SIRT6), and AMP-activated protein kinase subunit-a (AMPKa) [58], while miR-33* targets steroid receptor coactivator 1 (SRC1), SRC3, nuclear transcription factor Y (NFYC), and receptor-interacting protein 140 (RIP140).
SRC/p160 coactivators such as TIF2, GRIP1, and SRC1 share common structural components and are able to recruit other transcription factors to initiate transactivation of AR-regulated genes (34).
Measurements of C[O.sub.2] exchange were made directly using a soil respiration chamber (Models EGM3 and SRC1, PP Systems, UK) that was placed onto tings (12 mm diameter, 50 mm depth) set permanently into the soil surface to a depth of 25 mm.
For the multiplication the fast intrinsic mpylir(int src1, int src2) is used, which performs a signed 16 times 32 bit multiply with a following shift right by 15 bits.
The sum of squared differences (SRC1) = 244798.23434 and the RMSE1 = 75.45185.
A.1 input C Code /*procedure to search through a linked list for a matching item x*/ struct recrd *srch(x,l) struct recrd *1; { register struct recrd *p; for(p-l;p!-NULL && p->data!-x;p=p->link); return p; } A.2 Sequential Code (with Comments) ;Most operations have the form (opcode src1 ...