SRCBShanghai Research Center of Biotechnology (China)
SRCBState Rehabilitation Council for the Blind (various states)
SRCBSouth of the River Community Band (Eagan, MN)
SRCBSociety of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry and Biology
SRCBSviluppo Relazioni Commerciali Banche (Italian)
SRCBShanghai Rural Commercial Bank (China)
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H4 proposes that CSR will have a stronger effect on evaluation and purchase intent for respondents scoring high on the trait of SRCB than for those scoring low on this trait.
SRCB did not significantly affect the relationship between philanthropic CSR and evaluation or between CSR in either domain and purchase intent, but the results were in the predicted direction.
TABLE 4 Effects of CSR and SRCB on Evaluation and Purchase Intent (H4) MANOVA Results Independent variables Wilks' [lambda] F Environmental domain CSR 0.
Again, the question is why has SRCB been so limited?
Overall, the reasons for the minimal follow-through are personally focused: they have not really thought about it much, they do not know enough about the social responsibility records of firms (even if they follow the financial situations of companies), or they imply that they do not buy enough to make SRCB worth the effort.
The interviewees in the first subgroup believe that SRCB would be a good thing, but most of them do not feel they have enough knowledge about specific companies to do this very often.
This group does practice SRCB, and the question is why do they go to this effort?
The second subgroup goes further toward practicing SRCB than any other in the sample.
Rapid time to market for new products is essential to SRCB's ambitious expansion strategy and one of the top reasons SRCB selected Fiserv.
Other benefits Signature provides for SRCB include scalability, a more robust disaster recovery process and the ability to handle and process a large number of transactions quickly.
Fiserv has local experts on the ground who worked in concert with our partner Digital China and SRCB to deliver a complete banking solution.
The partnership between Fiserv and Digital China delivered banking and technology expertise, coupled with local knowledge, to SRCB that will aid the bank in its expansion plans as well as build upon its current competitive position," said Liu Shengrui, chief executive officer, Digital China Financial Software.