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SRCESardar Raja College of Engineering (Alangulam, Tamil Nadu, India)
SRCEStandardized Reclamation Cost Estimator (software; Nevada)
SRCESolvent Related Chronic Encephalopathy (environmental medicine)
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The structure of SRCE and SRCE-DS provides a quasi-optimality both on accuracy and speed, in temporary and frequency areas [3, 5-8].
Meni je ispod jorgana kucalo srce kao da neko bije cekicem u grudima.
The adequate disclosure requirement presumably is met by timely filing a properly completed Form 8886 for the RT; but as noted earlier with respect to the Nondisclosure Penalty, disclosures that are late or lack sufficient detail may prevent application of the SRCE.
The "reasonable belief" prong of the SRCE requires that the taxpayer's belief be based on facts and law existing at the time the return is filed, and solely with respect to the chances of success on the merits of the transaction.
In the case of tort liability, the SRCE is completely characterized as the solution to
Contract notice: Assistance mission in project management for the development of regional biodiversity strategy ( srb ) and regional ecological coherence diagram ( srce )
Open Competition: Provision of services to ensure the protection of an object and control propusknogorezhima SRCES RAS
Open Competition: "Engineering and technical expertise of the building construction SRCES RAS"