SRCGSiberian Regional Center for Geneinformatics
SRCGSafety Research & Consultancy Group
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stride rite footwear has always been developed with the highest of standards, backed by the latest research and technology, which moms have come to trust since 1919," said Sharon John, President of SRCG.
These changes will enable the brand to better integrate with SRCG to leverage the group's core competencies in children's footwear including in brand management, product development and marketing, as well as its support infrastructure in areas such as finance, information technology and human resources.
Pam Salkovitz, president of the SRCG said, "We truly appreciate all the hard work and efforts of the local team that helped bring Robeez to where it is today.
The pilots are variations on a theme that Spar Ireland has dubbed 'new convenience' and are the culmination of more than 12 months of research and product development that underpin The Spar Food Strategy, developed in conjunction with Spar International and convenience retailing consultants SRCG.
Andrew Thorton, founder of SRCG, the specialist convenience consultancy, says: "The convenience market today is really competitive, much more so than when the Co-operative Group bought Alldays in 2002.
Scott Annan, director of market analyst SRCG, agrees that competition from the multiples has had a positive effect.
OTC Bulletin Board: SRCG, SPGHP) today reported net operating profits pre-dividends for the three month period ended June 30, 1996, its first quarterly operating profit in two and one-half years.
In the interim, Search Capital stock will be traded in the over-the-counter "pink sheets" under the symbol SRCG.
Venture capitalists are taking an interest in CTNs for the first time in years, indicating that the sector may in fact be experiencing a revival, according to convenience sector analyst SRCG.
MBL's range is next in line for simplification and a contract with convenience consultancy SRCG has just been signed to simplify 18 key categories to create the 'perfect offer'.