SRCISnake River Correctional Institution (Salem, OR)
SRCIStentor Resource Centre Inc.
SRCIStatus, Request Command Inhibited
SRCIStrong Rural Community Initiative (Wisconsin Office of Rural Health)
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Increasing numbers of town centre businesses are joining the SRCI to take advantage of the information sharing, loss prevention training and radio access that we offer.
En la practica, hace falta mas investigacion para explorar como la interculturalidad se esta implementando en el SRCI.
The correlations among the diverse factors that comprise the Stepparent Role Strain Index and the SRCI (Fine et al.
SRCI was chosen as the site for the orientation class because treatment providers were located near the prison.
All sex offender services at SRCI are provided by It's About Childhood, the Hindman Foundation, a community-based program in Ontario, Ore.
Newly admitted sex offenders from the Department of Corrections' Intake Center were transferred to SRCI so that they could attend the orientation class.
These results also reflect the continuing success of SRCI in France, particularly in the CPG and OTC market sectors.
We are planning to have the new CPG and OTC products from SRCI available for the U.
A) Excluding the effects of the write-off of in-process research and development associated with the SRCI acquisition, the Net Income per share for the quarter is $0.
Under the terms of the agreement, Dendrite will acquire all of the outstanding shares of SRCI for approximately $3.
Also in keeping with our general approach, SRCI provides tools that are designed to be used by sales representatives to interact with all levels of the retail chain from the individual store all the way to the national level.