SRCSDSanta Rosa County School District (Milton, FL)
SRCSDSanta Rosa Community Services District (California)
SRCSDSacramento Regional County Sanitation District
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Some governments have specific dollar limits on which projects should be included; for example, SRCSD includes only projects that cost more than $100,000.
SRCSD frequently uses lifecycle costing to determine what type of capital project should be constructed, along with its total lifecycle cost.
The SRCSD project team includes the Owner: Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District/County of Sacramento.
Despite the setback of the SRCSD project, our pipeline of business opportunities remains strong as we continue to expand our commercial and residential customer base," said Steve Kircher, CEO of Solar Power, Inc.
This contract was a component of previously issued 2008 revenue guidance of $60 million, and thus we will provide an update, if applicable, as soon as the SRCSD course of action is concluded.
Wendell Kido, SRCSD District Manager, explained the benefits of the public-private partnership.