SRDCSouthern Rural Development Center
SRDCSchuylkill River Development Corporation (Philadelphia, PA)
SRDCSixth Region Diaspora Caucus (Africa Union)
SRDCSymposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (IEEE)
SRDCSelected Reserve Direct Commission
SRDCSubRate Data Cross-Connect
SRDCShort Response Data Call
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According to SRDC chief operating officer Norberto de Ocampo, the company felt the brunt of 'poor management' in 2014 when the company had to face multiple woes: from financial losses, stalled development of properties, to failure to deliver to customers, among many others.
The SRDC report is not as comprehensive as it could be, and the reader is left to ponder the impact that gender or regional variation might have on its findings.
The survey is one component of the national dialogue project implemented by SRDC in partnership with the Save the Children and the National Dialogue Secretariat.
The phase 2 development comes close on the heels of the inauguration last month of the first phase of the SRDC project - an estimated $550 million investment that reinforces PDO's dominant place at the heart of Oman's flourishing gas industry, it added.
GGSDC and SRDC are next, with BRSDC and DHADC at the bottom.
The SRDC team that was the subject of this research was established in response to a specific product development imperative by IBM, which required the creation of a new-to-market, high-performance technological device.
The SRDC is an independent, nonprofit corporation created through the leadership of several local dentists, physicians and other community leaders.
Southern Rural Development Center, SRDC 202, Mississippi State University.
Smith (2003), "Equilibrium policy experiments and the evaluation of social programs", SRDC Working Paper Series 03-06, October.
During the past year, the SRDC has initiated research activities addressing the influence of family, school and community social capital on the educational outcomes of rural youth; welfare and food stamp programs; and the educational needs of the Southeast United States.
Reynolds, "Analytical Studies of Factors Affecting Farm Real Estate Values," The Farm Real Estate Market SRDC No.
Technical Report, SRDC, Middle East Technical University, July 1999; www.