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SRDFSymmetrix Remote Data Facility
SRDFSymmetric Remote Data Facility
SRDFSub-Regional Development Framework (UK)
SRDFSingle-Rate Data Flow
SRDFSystème de Recueil des Données de Fiabilité (French: System Reliability Data Collection; nuclear power industry)
SRDFSupplemental Retirement and Disability Fund (various organizations)
SRDFSober Rational Destructive Follower (personality test result)
SRDFSpokane Research & Defense Fund (Washington)
SRDFSuperresolution HF (High Frequency) Direction Finding
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For the third consecutive year, we are pursuing a policy under which projects started at the account of the SRDF funding must be completed and put into operation according to the schedule, instead of being transformed into uncompleted construction projects," urged Hennadii Zubko.
The ONA may seek such changes, but a surge in SRDFs at a single hospital would be a peculiar type of statewide lobbying effort.
I am looking forward to deploying the application-centric SRDF optimizations that Riverbed is releasing with this next release of RiOS.
EMC's SRDF performs disk-level replication of the entire environment from the source system to the target system.
MGIC's advanced business continuity solution includes EMC SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility) and MirrorView software that will replicate data between MGIC and SunGard.
EMC SRDF adaptive copy and SRDF/A in TCP and GigE director
When combined with EMC's SRDF and TimeFinder business continuity software, the Symmetrix z8000 provides customers with a feature-rich, high-end mainframe storage solution at highly attractive price points.
It does not attempt to support any higher layer protocol such as SRDF.
EMC SRDF maintains a duplicate and accessible copy of customer information at a secondary system.