SRDSSymposium on Reliable Distributed Systems
SRDSStandard Rate and Data Service
SRDSStaff Review and Development Scheme (various universities; UK)
SRDSSelf-Rating Depression Scale (psychiatry)
SRDSSharing Field Data and Experiment Measurements on Resilience of Distributed Computing Systems (Workshop)
SRDSShop Repair Data Sheets
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Preliminary phase: delimitation of context (limitations in the parenting styles scales) and objective (to design a parental socialization questionnaire relevant to the appearance and maintenance of CDs and SRDs) and selection of a group of experts both national (from Valencia and Galicia) and international (from Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina and USA), with psychiatrists and psychologists specializing in childhood and juvenile disorders, with accredited experience in care, teaching and research from the perspective of different theoretical models (cognitive, behavioral, systemic and dynamic).
The change in the proportions of IRDs, SRDs, drug intoxication reported as mechanism of death, and IDU history from 2010 to 2017 along with comparisons of HBV and HCV screening results between IRDs and SRDs were assessed using the chi-squared test, with p-values <0.05 considered statistically significant.
In addition, among the empirical studies we found more research considering mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and conduct disorders as risk factors for SRDs than schizophrenia or other psychiatric diseases [5, 7, 15, 22, 28].
The distinction between acute and chronic CSCR is based on the duration of the SRD and on the extension of RPE involvement.
NIST scientists patent and publish in peer-reviewed journals, but they also produce additional technical outputs such as Standard Reference Data (SRD), Standard Reference Materials (SRMs), NIST Technical Series Publications, and a variety of other less formal technical outputs.
In addition to SRDs, YES's accreditation also covers aspects of the testing for Wideband Transmission Systems in the 2.4GHz band and Broadband Radio Access Networks operating at 5GHz.
For example, Figure 2 demonstrates that different librarians evaluated the USA Trade Online database negatively for flexibility and ease of use while the SRDS Media Solutions database was evaluated positively for flexibility and ease of use.
Interference probability for nonspecific SRDs reach average 23.56 %, for alarms--15.89 %, for radio microphones--37.91 %, for wireless audio applications--21.52 %.
ClassOne's fundamental mission is to provide higher performance wet processing equipment at lower cost to the user, just as we've done with our Solstice electroplating tools - and that's exactly what the new Trident SRDs and SSTs deliver.'
We're feeding information to SRDS (Standard Rate & Data Service) and many large advertising agencies, so it's important to continually update to meet everyone's needs."
The study tends to explore the effects of different family system on EI and SRDS. The results showed that adolescents living with nuclear
These suggested requirements are considered and realized in this study to obtain a new sensor based on a chiral metamaterial designed by square-ring with double splits (SRDS) which have high efficiency and gain.