SRDSSymposium on Reliable Distributed Systems
SRDSStandard Rate and Data Service
SRDSStaff Review and Development Scheme (various universities; UK)
SRDSSelf-Rating Depression Scale (psychiatry)
SRDSSharing Field Data and Experiment Measurements on Resilience of Distributed Computing Systems (Workshop)
SRDSShop Repair Data Sheets
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Students having score less than or equal to Q1 were labeled as students with Low Self Reported Delinquency; students having score on Q2 were labeled as Students with Middle Self Reported Delinquent tendencies and students score Q3 and above were labeled as students with high self reported delinquency based on their total score on SRDS.
For example, 8464 is a SRDS number because it appears in the sequence
If the average rates in SRDS are listed at $60/M (but we all know they're going for discounts in the $35/M range), and then you multiply that out, you end up with a $525 million to $700 million industry-and that doesn't include printing and other associated costs.
The questionnaires and self-addressed, postage-paid reply envelopes were sent to the publishers identified by name in SRDS of the selected 600 daily advertising-supported newspapers.
Standardized prices for advertisements are available publicly from the SRDS Consumer Magazine Advertising Source.
com is linked with most major publication web sites, including SRDS, DM News, Proof, and CatalogNews.
In fact, SRDS Circulation 97 reveals the afternoon circulation of the Detroit JOA garners substantially more circulation than the 60,000 copies sold by the evening Macomb Daily, and its morning circulation in Oakland County is also greater than the 86,000-circulation morning Pontiac Press.
are: VNU Marketing Information Services; Bill Communications; and SRDS.
Beginning in the first quarter of 2005, BIN reports examine 22 super SRDS markets comprised of all b2b titles tracked by IMS and PERQ/ HCI.
According to SRDS (December 1998), Diaro's unaudited average daily circulation is 68,915.
We utilize min and SRDS online as an auxiliary system," she says.