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SREBSouthern Regional Education Board
SREBSaskatoon Real Estate Board (now Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors; Saskatoon, Seskatchewan, Canada)
SREBSouthern Regional Electricity Board (India)
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The SREB for Central Asia paves the way for transport network, highways, railways and airways communications and digital infrastructure as well as oil and gas pipelines.
The elements of the redesigned program, which will be expanded upon in later sections, included comprehensive alignment to the ISLLC standards and SREB Critical Success Factors, the integration of a two-year internship, and intensive on-site coaching.
The purpose of this study was to identify the types of professional development mentoring opportunities that prepared African American SREB and MDF graduates in their transition into the professoriate.
5% of the SREB standards, while 10% of Best Practices versus 0% of SREB address issues of student support.
Research suggests such supports can foster a positive move and support student success (Cauley & Jovanovich, 2006; Cohen & Smerdon, 2009; Ellerbrock & Kiefer, 2010; Fields, 2005; Hertzog & Morgan, 1999; Morgan & Hertzog, 2001; SREB, 2002).
The nonprofit organization can arrange for trainers to go to districts, or it can "train the district's trainers" to help districts deliver the SREB program themselves.
However, the SREB cautions that these numbers must be considered in context.
A credit to the foresight of the communities which endorse it, this improvement has resulted in an array of state and national recognitions for Valley Tech, including being named an SREB High Schools That Work Pacesetter School, a Commonwealth Compass School, a Vanguard Model School and a National School Change Award recipient.
In addition to Georgia, five other states (Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, and South Carolina) in the SREB started large-scale merit aid programs during the sample period.
The SREB, headquartered in Atlanta, collects, compiles and analyzes education data.
In its new report, Summer School and Summer Learning 2002, SREB notes that the program is weakened because students may retake the test even if they do not attend summer school.