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SREBSouthern Regional Electricity Board (India)
SREBSaskatoon Real Estate Board (now Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors; Saskatoon, Seskatchewan, Canada)
SREBSouthern Regional Education Board
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Nationally, about 25 percent of college-age Hispanics are enrolled in college, according to The Education Trust, a nonprofit group that analyzed the SREB report.
13) Outside of New Mexico, which introduced merit aid in 1997, all of the merit-based aid programs were located in the SREB during our sample period.
The SREB report said salaries at the state's colleges and universities ranked 15th out of 16 Southern states.
When comparing the state and local tax burden per capita of Alabama with the SREB states (second column of the table), Alabama ranks last.
He actively represents Tennessee in SHEEO, the organization of State Higher Education Executive Officers, and the SREB, the Southern Regional Education Board.
Marks, SREB Fact Book on Higher Education 1988 (Atlanta: Southern Regional Educational Board, 1988), pp.
These kits are a requirement of the SREB Advanced Career program ; part of the SREB's High Schools That Work school improvement initiative.
11/08/2012: New Scope: Widen and resurface existing runway, resurface airport access rd, install runway and taxiway edge lighting, demolish existing SRE building, construct new SREB, and acquire approximately 26 acres.
In bestowing the TCTW award, SREB cited the school's career portfolios, which the students develop to showcase their academic knowledge as well as their technical knowledge and skills.
The lack of master's-prepared qualified nurse faculty presented the greatest obstacle to expansion, consistent with national trends (Joynt & Kimball, 2008; SREB, 2002).
The National Center and SREB, while highlighting research that shows many states have stepped up efforts to steer students toward taking college prep courses in high school, have emphasized that many college prep students enter institutions of higher learning unprepared to do college-level work.
The nonprofit organization can arrange for trainers to go to districts, or it can "train the district's trainers" to help districts deliver the SREB program themselves.