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SREBP-1Sterol Regulatory Element-Binding Protein-1
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Second-hand smoke: stimulates lipid accumulation in the liver by modulating AMPK and SREBP-1.
32) SREBP-1 regulates the growth and synthesis of glucose, differentiation and maturation of adipocytes and increased glucose through the adipocytes.
Altered hepatic expression of SREBP-1 and PPARgamma is associated with liver injury in insulin-resistant lipodystrophic HIV-infected patients.
The inhibitory effect of trans-10 cis-12 CLA on lipid synthesis in bovine mammary epithelial cells involves reduced proteolytic activation of the transcription factor SREBP-1.
Moreover, some PIs have increased SREBP-1 levels in animal and cellular models [63], which might be linked to the development of hepatic steatosis.
A low fish oil inhibits SREBP-1 proteolytic cascade, while a high fish oil feeding decrease SREBP-1 in mice liver: relationship to anti-obesity.
Association analyses of DNA polymorphisms in bovine SREBP-1, LXRa, FADS1 genes with fatty acid composition in Canadian commercial crossbred beef steers.
6]-Gingerol (100 mg/kg/day) suppressed the HFD-induced increase in hepatic mRNA levels of SREBP-1 c by 33.
These responses were largely mediated via upregulation of 2 signaling proteins, ChREBP (carbohydrate response element-binding protein) and liver SREBP-1 (sterol response element-binding protein type-1).
In mice fed alcohol, AMPK activity is inhibited but SREBP-1 is activated and influences upregulation of lipogenic genes and triglyceride accumulation in the liver (You and Crabb 2004).
In the new study, it was discovered that, in animal models, the over-activation of NMDA receptors-special receptors on the surface of brain cells-activates another protein, called SREBP-1, which subsequently causes cell death.
HNF1alpha inactivation promotes lipogenesis in human hepatocellular adenoma independently of SREBP-1 and carbohydrate-response element-binding protein (ChREBP) activation.