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SRECSolar Renewable Energy Credit (electrical utilities; various locations)
SRECSaskatchewan Real Estate Commission (real estate regulatory group; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
SRECSouthern Regional Electronic Campus (online educational tool)
SRECSri Ramakrishna Engineering College
SRECSeismic Record Log (energy exploration)
SRECSystème de Récupération de l'Energie Cinétique (French: Kinetic Energy Recovery System; braking system)
SRECSalmon River Electric Cooperative (Challis, ID)
SRECScenic Rivers Energy Cooperative (Lancaster, WI)
SRECService Régional de l'Enseignement Catholique (French: Regional Service of Catholic Education)
SRECSteuben Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Bath, NY)
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Two-thirds of the SREC members present at the meeting would have to approve it, officials say.
As a SREC Customer Operations Associate, Lauren works directly with customers by registering their solar energy systems and monitoring generation reports for SREC minting with the generation tracking entities PJM-GATS and NEPOOL.
North Carolina's SREC market is oversaturated, but some solar producers can sell SRECs by registering in the Pennsylvania market.
First Wind sells the certificates, separately from the solar electricity, in the SREC market to the electricity suppliers who need to fulfill the SREC requirement, according to Mr.
SREC programs, however, are volatile and highly susceptible to market forces of supply/ demand.
These projects qualify for the state of Massachusetts' SREC 1 program that helped spawn the dramatic growth of the solar industry in the state over the last two years.
Furthermore, individuals who make a residential solar electric investment in New Jersey or Pennsylvania receive one solar renewable energy credit (SREC) for every megawatt (1,000 kilowatts) of electricity generated from renewable sources; they then have the opportunity to sell these SRECs in order to enhance the payback on their investment.
States with SREC programs have a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) that requires utilities to secure a portion of their electricity from solar generators.
Chris also did a brief stint as an inspector for the NJ Clean energy program's renewable energy division inspecting installers in NJ for the rebate and SREC programs.
They will continue to benefit from the SREC Program with the assistance of USACE, which is constructing two open-panel photovoltaic carport solar power projects for the New Jersey National Guard--one for their agency's Joint Forces Headquarters at Fort Dix and the other for their National Training Facility Headquarters at Sea Girt.
Each time a solar electric system generates 1000 kWh of electricity, an SREC is issued which can then be sold or traded.