SREITSelf-Report Emotional Intelligence Test
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A similar EI scale known as SREIT (Self Report Emotional Intelligence Scale; Schutte et al.
En los estudios que han utilizado pruebas de autoinforme (EQ-i de Bar-On, 1997; SREIT de Schutte et al.
En cuanto a la validez predictiva el MSCEIT fue predictor de conductas antisociales, el EQ-i fue predictor del uso de alcohol y el SREIT mostro tener una relacion inversa al logro academico.
The offering was made exclusively to institutional investors; however, by mid-2001 these SREIT preferred shares will be registered to be offered to other investors.
EI was measured by the Chinese version (Zheng, Gu, & Zhu, 2009) of the 33-item SREIT, which is based on Salovey and Mayer's (1989/1990) original model of EI.