SRELSavannah River Ecology Laboratory
SRELSandusky Radio Experimental League (Ohio)
SRELSmith Rea Energy Ltd. (UK)
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In Section 4, the characterizations of the category SRel are investigated.
Earlier, Juncker had spent almost two hours rejecting a catalogue of accusations in a parliamentary inquiry into many years of systematic shortcomings at SREL.
But SREL did not make the second payment and the matter was dragged to the high court ( HC) by the Guptas.
Financial support was provided by an Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Fellowship and Visiting Faculty Fellowships at SREL (FSD); Financial Assistance Award Number DE-FC09-96SR18546 between the US Department of Energy and the University of Georgia (RKC and DWS); the National Science Foundation; the National Geographic Society; the American Philosophical Society; the Center for Field Research; the Eppley Foundation for Research; the Universities of Maryland, Michigan, and Minnesota; Princeton University; the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation (JLH); and the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation (DWF).
We first propose a Synchronous Real-Time Event Logic (SREL) for capturing the formal semantics of synchronous, event-driven real-time systems.
scripta kept in an outdoor holding pond at the SRS's Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL).
The effect of managers on team performance is analyzed using major league baseball team data from 1969 through 1986 (subject to some restrictions to be mentioned shortly) to estimate the equation [Mathematical Expression Omitted] where t subscripts refer to year, WPCT = team's winning percentage, SREL = (team's runs scored)/(team's runs allowed), MQUAL and NL are as defined above, and [u.sub.3] is an error term.