SREMStandard Radiation Environment Monitor (space study)
SREMSoftware Requirements Engineering Methodology
SREMScanning Reflection Electron Microscopy (physics)
SREMSoftware Requirements Evaluation Methodology
SREMSupport for the Renovation of Education Management (EU)
SREMSmall Rapid Eye Movements (psychology)
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Srem listed a number of "unfulfilled promises" made by "Ghanaians in authority" (traditional rulers and elected political officials alike), to "eradicate galamsey".
We are grateful to Mr Roman Bartkowiak, ultraendurance master swimmer, his coach Captain Marcin Krzeslak as well as all volunteers and members of Mr Bartkowiak supporting team from the Srem community for an excellent cooperation and support.
According to this data 329 Jews live in Vojvodina, of whom 245 Jews live in Backa region, in Banat there are 90 Jews and in Srem only 4 Jews.
Nazim srem ve Cinar Ozen, "Yenimuhafazakar Amerikan Dis Politikasinin Strasscu Temelleri", Cinar Ozen ve Hakan Tasdemir (der.
Slobodan Milosevic murio una semana despues de que, en la misma prision, se suicidara el cabecilla croata-serbio Milan Babic, uno de los testigos claves del caso y quien cumplia una condena de 13 anos de carcel por "actividades criminales" realizadas entre agosto de 1991 y junio de 1992, durante la expulsion forzosa de croatas y de pobladores no serbios en Krajima, Eslovenia Occidental, Baranja y Srem.
For example, in August 1942 Eugen Kvaternik, director of the Ustasa Security Service, "under the guise of the battle against the Partisans" ordered special Ustasa units to complete a merciless anti-Serb sweep through the fertile agricultural region of Srem.
This fits well with the notion of a reactive system [6] that responds to events in its environment, and with the notion of a stimulus/response pair that is central to the SREM requirements specification technique [2].
I drove 60 kilometers north along the border to my home town, Srem Karlovci, well-known for centuries for high quality wine.
42) "Copia fiel de una parte del informe confidencial de la Delegacion Cubana a la V Conferencia Panamericana de Santiago de Chile" enviada por Mariano Armendariz a la SREM, 2 de junio 1923, "Delegacion de CUBA ante la Quinta Conferencia Internacional Americana, e informacion al respecto", AHSREM, L-E-191(3), f.
Our inspiration has always been from the crusading reportage of Baffour Ankomah, editor of the New African, and his able team in London, and the selfless service of Afrikatu Kofi Nkrumah, president of Humanitas Africa based in Prague, Czech Republic," said Edem Srem Sei, president of the club.
184) dealt with the first two years of the war, the former with the gathering clouds in Srem, a Serbian region given by the Germans to the Croatian ustashe during the war, and the latter with the desperate attempts of the Serbs to save their very lives.