SREPSupervisory Review and Evaluation Process
SREPSouthern Rockies Ecosystem Project (est. 1992; Denver, CO)
SREPSydney Regional Environmental Plan (Australia)
SREPSummer Research Enhancement Program (Diné College)
SREPStrategic Research Extension Plan
SREPStockpile Reliability Evaluation Program
SREPSingle-Route Explorer Packet
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[1]ECB Banking Supervision uses both the qualitative results (quality and timeliness of banks' submissions) and the quantitative results (capital depletion and banks' resilience under the adverse scenario) as input for the SREP, to inform the setting of Pillar 2 capital requirements and Pillar 2 capital guidance, respectively.
The vehicle will send an SREQ message to get allocated a new time slot and if it receives an SREP message from the RSU it will free its current time slot and it will resume its transmissions during the time slot newly allocated by the new RSU.
A joint venture partnership between Heidenberg Properties Group and Strategic Real Estate Partners (SREP) announced the $35.9 million acquisition of The Potomac Marketplace in Ranson, West Virginia.
In the UMOPSOD proposal, each subgroup with three or less objectives has archive (sRep).
The Scaling up Renewable Energy Program for Low Income Countries (SREP -- promoted by the Climate Investment Fund) provides grants from a $780m fund to African renewable projects.
Instead, it belongs to the list of the institutions for which the ECB performed the stress tests as part of the annual Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP).
Sierra Leone's investment plan will be developed under the CIF's programme for Scaling Up Renewable Energy in Low Income Countries (SREP), in what the CIF says is a collaborative approach that includes multiple ministries and stakeholders throughout the country, including private sector, commercial and development banks, and non- governmental organisations (NGOs).
The research and extension priorities of the various districts are documented in the Strategic Research and Extension Plan (SREP), based mainly on the agro-climatic conditions of the district or the region and developed by the involvement of farmers using Participatory Rural Appraisal (Zonal Project Directorate n.d.).
It is complementary to ongoing AfDB interventions in Rwanda's energy sector including: the Scaling Up Energy Access Project, the regional electricity grid interconnection and power generation projects, the Climate Investment Funds' Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Programme in Low Income Countries (SREP), and the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Action Agenda which includes assessments of feasibility and potential to provide investment incentives.
As expected, the TSRs for black and brown SREP samples showed the lowest TSRs (from under 20% up to near 30%), and the white and light-colored pigments had the highest (40-60%).
The destination node receives the SREQ message and sends a SN reply (SREP) message containing its SN.