SREQStudent Research Experience Questionnaire (Australia)
SREQShort-Run Equilibrium
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* Requesting time slot procedure: As described in the previous section, when a vehicle v needs a time slot to send its data, it will try to select randomly a free time slot among the available ones, and send its request message (SREQ) to the RSU.
Figure 3 shows that the load balancing on CHs within the cluster of SDWOLB and LSD correspondingly for 150 SREQ. There are 6 CHs are placed inside the cluster.
Assume that SRs sends the similar service request (SREQs) within the cluster.
Suppose the service is not in the particular cluster the SREQ query is passed to the next Nearest cluster head (CHN) with the help of the gateway node (GWN).
Hence, when SRN sends the SREQ to CHN, it gets the SREP from CHN.