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The third theme connected to SRFE personal NEGs is their personal philosophies, several of which have been consistently reported in research on this sector.
The literature provides evidence of a range of personal NEGs that may influence SRFE business models beyond traditional economic objective priorities.
How these personal objectives can be embedded and activated as a mechanism to optimize value creation processes in SRFE business models, represents a gap that has not been well developed.
2014) and offers a point of differentiation in SRFE business models.
Despite the natural congruence between the personal non-economic objectives of SRFE owners and the value co-creation concept, little conceptualization exists on how this relationship may be developed and realized within business models.
By way of Table 1, the value co-creation concept has the potential to act as a mechanism to connect and embed personal objectives in the value creation component of SRFE business models.
Consumers could then vote on the best recipe, and the winning recipe could be distributed where the SRFE product is sold (e.
The size (controlled growth) of SRFE organizations (i.
Personal philosophies related to ideas like food miles, sustainability, organic production, health, lifestyle and community engagement are common NEGs of SRFE owners (Table 1) and consumers alike.
To summarize, this paper offers a starting point for understanding the influence of SRFE owners' personal NEGs on the value creation component of SRFE business models.
Practicing value co-creation constructively with economic objectives, can contribute to more viable SRFE business models, which are crucial to regional economies (Winter, 2003).
This research is conceptual and confined to exploring the influence of personal objectives on a single element of SRFE business models--the value creation component.