SRFGSStack Robust Fine Granularity Scalability (video coding technique)
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In the above section, we have analysed the overall features of the proposed key expansion modification in AES-256 using the SRFG. To justify the features, in this section we have performed the security analysis on our modified AES key expansion module.
In Figure 4, it is shown that the words are generated using SRFG rather than using simple XOR operation.
For AES-256, using SRFG with two variables and t expression terms, the complexity of key recovery with any two random faulty byte is calculated as
The time comparison results show that using the SRFG in AES key expansion modification is increasing the time consumption in generating the key words and thus contributing to the trade-off between security and time consumption.
Table 3 describes the fact that the cost of the attacks for our proposed RK-AES is much higher than the original AES due to the use of randomness with SRFG in several layer.